As a past long term principal of an accounting and financial planning practice, I think I can speak with some authority, when I say that the potential for an accountant to refer many quality clients to a law firm is huge.

If an accounting firm can refer you one client, there is probably potential for that referral flow to be hundreds of clients over the years. Just from that one firm.

Imagine if you could build up an accounting firm referral network of even 5 or 6 firms that consistently referred you quality new clients?

The benefits to you are many.

Apart from the obvious one of getting lots of referrals, they are likely to be quality referrals.

Some of the benefits of an accounting firm referral are:

1) The clients are used to paying reasonable professional fees
Almost every time I talk to a group of lawyers, someone brings up the subject of price shoppers. You know what I mean, clients who only seem to be focused on price.
2) The clients are predisposed to listening to you and acting on your advice
If they have come to you as a referral, almost by definition they are predisposed to listen to and act on your advice.
3) The clients are probably nice people to deal with
As a past accountant I know I would never have referred a terrible client as it would reflect poorly on me. So if you get accountant referrals they are likely to be good people to deal with.

In the past I have had other professionals approach me about referring them clients and quite frankly I have never been inclined to do so.

In the course of helping small law firms to improve their results though, one of the things that of course can make a huge difference to a law firm’s results, is to find more quality clients.

So on the one hand you have accountants who often have vast pools of quality clients just waiting to be referred and on the other, you have smaller law firms who would love to get those referrals.

There must be an easy way to make it happen…. and thank goodness that there is.

The easiest way to get more accountants to refer you quality clients, is to work out how you can help them.

It is likely to cost you little or nothing and the upside for your practice is enormous.

Now you can spend some time thinking about how you can do that, but no doubt you are busy.

So we’ve done the work for you and distilled it down, so that in just 8 minutes you can get a strategy to get more quality referrals from accountants.

If you want to see our strategy, here is the link to the FREE 8 minute video.

The Easiest Way to Get More Quality Referrals From Accountants