Attracting new Legal Clients

While the economy might be tough at present, there are still great opportunities to grow the fees of your practice.

In a previous blog I talked about your existing clients as an undeveloped opportunity for many practices.

In addition to being a great source of extra work, your existing legal clients are also a great source of referrals of new  legal clients.

When I ask at seminars where the greatest source of new work comes from, the overwhelming answer, is “Word of Mouth”. The difficulty with “Word of Mouth” though, for your business is that it is unplanned and happens as part of a casual conversation.

Let me discuss two quick points to make sure that you are enhancing your referrals.

  1. Make sure that you are not inadvertently telling your legal clients you don’t want referrals.

Let me explain. What happens when a client asks you if you are busy? What do you say? Equally, what answer does your team give when asked the same question?

If you or your team say that you are busy, or a variation on that answer, then you may be sending your client the wrong signal. They may assume that you do not want referrals in that case. It pays to develop an answer that sends the right message to your clients.

2. If you feel uncomfortable asking your clients for referrals (and many professionals do), how can you develop a process in your practice that will achieve the same outcome without you having to ask?

How would you clients currently know that you would like more referrals?

Think through how you can let them know in a systematic way.

If you can develop a system to encourage referrals this can become something that is easily implemented by any new team members that you employ.


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