Referral Program for Professionals and Existing Clients – Oct 2017

We have made good use of your program.  We had several internal meetings to better identify our best clients and best referral sources or centres of influence.  We decided to concentrate on improving our contacts within existing centres of influence and have had several meetings to firm up those existing referral sources to include more referrals from within those firms.  We then approached other firms who were less well known but working in the area which we want to concentrate.

They have been generally been very effective and we are now getting a more consistent flow of legal work from these sources who are accountants and farm management consultants who work with the type of clients we prefer.

Additionally, I have had a couple of speaking opportunities at a major client’s sales staff meetings.  This has firmed up the flow of matters through the conveyancing section and additionally agents recommending our firm to their clients seeking legal advice prior to contract.

All in all, we are very happy with the program and have left this “marketing” item as a constant agenda item for our monthly directors meeting to make sure it stays in mind into the future.

Thanks and regards.

Brian McCormack – Principal, WA Property Lawyers

Referral Masterclass Program – Nov 2017

“Hi Colin,

I’d like to sincerely thank you for the Referral Masterclass Program I chose to recently be part of.

It has certainly helped provide some clarity in sourcing and maintaining quality referrals to our firm, and I very much enjoyed the interaction with other participants as well as yourself. The accountability of checking in and providing feedback on responses from referral prospects was motivating, and hearing others’ experiences provided some quite interesting insight.

I can highly recommend the program to others, and wish you continued success with future groups!”

November 2017

Joanne Anderson – Principal- Anderson Conveyancing

Referral Webinar Testimonial Elspeth Buchanan, Christchurch New Zealand

I found the webinar both interesting and useful, since it suggested a new approach to the problem of attracting new work. This is always a problem for small practices, because even if you love marketing and are enthusiastic about it (which few legal practitioners are!) there is simply not time to do it. In general, a small practice does not justify employing somebody to do fulltime marketing for you. The webinar was therefore very helpful in suggesting an alternative approach which requires considerably less time input but can be very productive“
Elspeth Buchanan, Principal – PL Berry & Associates, Patent Attorneys, Christchurch New Zealand August 2016

The video presentation contained practical strategies for improving cash flow.

Tiffany Hart- PEACOCKES Solicitors- Dubbo NSW

25 May 2012
Whom it may concern

Dear Sir/Madam,


Colin Ritchie spoke at the Meribula CLE Day of the South Coast and Monaro Law Society on 11th February 2012 on the topic of “Why accountants make money and Lawyers Don’t… and What You Can Do About it”. Colin presented firstly about horror stories from the legal profession concerning low incomes of legal practitioners, he then presented a number of easy to implement strategies that could be utilised to improve the profitability of a legal practice.

The talk was particularly relevant the practitioners at the meeting with most practitioners being from small sized law firms in our area.

His information was well received by the attendees on the day and I would recommend Colin as a speaker on the subject of profitability improvement for lawyers”.

Yours faithfully,

Referral Webinar Testimonial – Antony Mastrogiannis – Principal, AM Legal Compensation Lawyers Sydney

I had the pleasure of attending a webinar recently on “The Quickest and Easiest Way to Attract Quality Clients to a Law Firm” presented by Colin Ritchie of Ritchie Business Solutions. I found the presentation interesting and helpful. It contained helpful tips and traps, anecdotes and statistics. Colin presented a well-structured system that was easy to understand and to implement, which I am doing. I recommend it” Antony Mastrogiannis, Principal – AM Legal Compensation Lawyers, Hurstville NSW Australia

Practice consultant, Colin Ritchie, presented a talk to our Society’s members on 28th March, 2012 titled “Why accountants make money and lawyers do not- and what you can do about it”.

This talk was particularly relevant for the principals of smaller legal practices who make up the majority of our members.

I especially appreciated Colin coming from the background of having conducted a successful small professional firm himself and being willing to share the techniques that made it so.

Unprofitability is a major problem for many smaller law firms and I am very happy to recommend Colin as a speaker for those interested in achieving financial success through sound business management.

Yours sincerely,
Ken Harkness, President
City of Sydney Law Society

Referral Masterclass Program – Dec 2017

“I have participated in Colin Ritchie’s Ritchie Business Solutions webinar series on generating referrals through professional contacts. This was a six part series that I found to be very helpful. There was a defined structure with deliberate step by step strategies. There were accompanying videos. It was interactive and full of helpful advice and feedback. It produced results. It was good value and I recommend it.”

December 2017

Antony Mastrogiannis– Principal AM Compensation Lawyers

I got a lot out of the marketing webinar and it has prompted us to update our marketing plan.

Greg Spiers- Beck Legal- Bendigo VIC

Law Firm Marketing Testimonial – Sydun & Co

Colin really stands out from other marketing consultants because of his straight forward approach to marketing methods which takes out the usual jargon and mystification of the process.

Law Firm Marketing Testimonial - Michael West

Michael West – Owner, Sydun & Co

26th March 2012
To Whom It may Concern,

As CEO of Brothers and Sisters in Law Inc ( BASIL), part of my responsibility is organising our annual conference. This conference is primarily attended by principals of small legal practices from both Sydney and country areas and there were 170 attendees at this year’s conference.

This year, we decided to invite Colin Ritchie of Ritchie Business Solutions to present on the topic of “Why Accountants make money and lawyers don’t…and what you can do about it”. This presentation was well received by the attendees who indicated by show of hands at the start of the presentation a keen interest in improving the profitability of their practice.

The presentation outlined the low profitability of small legal practices compared to accounting practices, but importantly gave attendees a number of practical strategies for profit improvement that they could readily take away from the conference.

If you are organising a function for the principals of small legal practices, then I would recommend Colin’s presentation to you.

Charles Amos
CEO Brothers and Sisters in Law Inc

My company, Hymans Valuers & Auctioneers, recently sponsored the BASIL Lawyers Conference. Colin delivered a brilliant paper on business performance improvement for small legal practices. Many of the principles that Colin shared with us could be applied to many small professional services practices. I have implemented 2 of these ideas in my own valuation practice. I would recommend that all small practices invest the time in listenng to Colin’s presentation.

April 9, 2012

Ian Hyman CEO Hymans Valuers & Auctioneers

Referral Masterclass Program – Nov 2017

“The Referral Master class Program has helped me to focus on my “ideal” client and to create a system to generate high quality referrals.  I found the program very valuable and highly recommend it”  November 2017

Annalyssa Fardell – Principal, AFS Legal


It just brought everything together. We are doing bits and pieces but it was a bit of an undefined random unconnected approach. what you have done has linked all the bits together so now I can see the “road map” (hate the phrase now- everyone uses it). There were in particular a couple of things you commented on that hit the nail right on the head being,

Systems, we are a cottage industry. We need to industrialise by systemising/automatingfirst impressions eg phone etc.
Clients perceptions, they don’t have a clue generally about the respective legal expertise of the different solicitors that we compete with.
The shot gun approach to marketing that almost becomes necessary if you don’t maintain contact with your existing clients & don’t know who you want as a client.

Well done on a professionally presented & prepared seminar.

Matthew Oakley- Principal King Cain- Bathurst NSW

Referral webinar testimonial- Peter Nevile – Nevile & Co Melbourne Vic

“We had the firm’s marketing group watch Colin Ritchie’s Webinar. It was practical and helpful. Perhaps most of all it gave us the push we needed to refocus on our existing referral system.It also helps that it is not a significant cost factor for greater implementation. Like most firms we know it works. However the immediate is overtaken by the urgent and it falls away. The program convinced or reminded us or perhaps a little of each that we cannot afford not to set up a better process for referrals that was sustainable” Peter Nevile, Principal Nevile & Co, Melbourne VIC

CPD Webinar ACT Law Society

“Thanks so much for presenting the webinar today. The Law Society very much appreciates you contributing to our COntinuing Professional Development Program”
Margaret Ryan – Professional Development Officer, ACT Law Society, ACT July 2017

Colin has a good understanding of the realities of rural and regional legal practices and his presentation makes real sense, encouraging practitioners who are ready for it, to get the best out of their businesses.

Louise Dix- Higgins & Dix Lawyers- Laurieton NSW

Testimonial for Ritchie Business Solutions’ Marketing a Law Firm Division

Matt Gill Principal of MCG Legal Gold Coast Queensland

Colin – over the past couple of months we have had a discussion about the profitability of law firms. Your insight, comments and advice have been most welcome – in a space where there is little other comment or direction. I will continue to use your services, insight and knowledge to benefit Danaher Legal. By your advice to date we have already increased revenue and undertaken a process of review and improvement. Your service is the best resource in this field I have come across by far to date. I strongly recommend other small firms enter a discussion with you on improving their business.
Dennis Danaher Director Danaher Legal
February 11, 2013

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Referral Masterclass Program – Nov 2017 “The Referral Master class Program has helped me to focus on my “ideal” client and to create a system to generate high quality referrals.  I found the program very valuable and highly recommend it”  November 2017 Annalyssa Fardell – Principal, AFS Legal  

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