LinkedIn can be a great tool in your legal marketing tool box. While you can of course use LinkedIn for paid marketing, this article identified ten reasons that LinkedIn can help your legal marketing for FREE.

Here are 10 good reasons to use LinkedIn for legal marketing:
1) For a start it’s FREE, and it can connect you hundreds of millions of people.
2) When prospective clients get a recommendation from someone and do a search for your firm, they don’t necessarily just type in your firm name. They may well do a search for you. If they do, your LinkedIn profile is likely to be one of the first listings they see (try it yourself and do a search for you) A good LinkedIn profile will position you positively in their eyes.
3) If you are targeting a particular niche, there is almost certainly a LinkedIn group for that niche. By joining that group and posting good content in it, you can quickly build your reputation in that niche
4) If there isn’t a group for that niche, you have an opportunity to set one up and really position yourself as an expert in that field
5) Just like doing a search in Google, your prospective clients are increasingly doing searches in LinkedIn to find someone who can supply a particular service.
6) I mentioned doing a Google search earlier. Guess who just bought LinkedIn? That’s right Google, so for that reason alone you need to be on LinkedIn with a great profile.
7) It can be a relatively easier way to get a testimonial from a client, as they can quickly and easily do it through LinkedIn
8) As your clients get increasingly internet savvy, they will expect you to be on LinkedIn with a decent profile. If you aren’t there at all or have a woeful profile, you are indirectly sending them a message about how up to date you are.
9) If you are connected to your clients, you can keep up to date with what they are up to. For example it would be easy to quickly call up their profile prior to an interview or a telephone call, to update yourself on any changes to their business situation.
10) You can actually use your LinkedIn database like a simple Client Relationship Management system by setting up tags for how you would like to group your connections. You could if you wanted to then send a targeted message to up to 50 contacts through LinkedIn.

No I don’t work for LinkedIn, but I really do think that there are some worthwhile opportunities for law firms to use LinkedIn as a key part of your online marketing strategy.