Colin Ritchie

Director/ Lead Coach

Colin is a Chartered Accountant who has been a partner in two accounting practices for a total of 20 years. While in those practices he specialised in both small business advice and financial planning.

He was able to build the financial planning division in his last practice into one of the largest practices in Australia within the Count Financial dealer group. Since selling his last practice 4 years ago. Cohn has focused on profitability improvement advice and coaching with a range of small businesses, but the focus is small law firms and helping them with better legal practice management and effective law firm marketing.

Colin is a graduate of UNE in Armidale NSW (B Fin Admin) a. is married with two adult children.

While based in Inverell in regional Australia, he travels regularly to other parts of Australia where his law firm clients are located.

Colin has further developed his career with public speaking presenting topical subjects for small law firms. He has provided presentations for Law Societies throughout Australia covering subjects such as small law firm marketing. and how to increase profitability of small law firms.

Many professionals subscribe to Colin’s blog to get up to date information on advice on how to increase the profitability of their small law turns. Colin is passion-ate about helping lawyers and solicitors that work in a very stressful industry and deserve more. Through social media such as Linked In and Facebook. Colin enjoys getting connected to everyone in this profession.

Connect with Colin on Linked In: http://www.linkedin.comfin/colinwritchie

“Many principals of small law firms, while giving good advice to clients, working on often quite stressful matters and having a significant investment in their practice, find themselves overworked and underpaid and not sure what to do next’. Colin Ritchie