Legal Practice management – Survey of small law firm profit satisfaction

Law Firm Management, law firm profit

Legal practice management | Law Firm Profit | Small Law Firms Last month we ran a Linked In legal practice management survey asking the principals of small law firms ( in this survey a small law firm as a firm with 4 partners or less) what annual law firm profit they would be satisfied with, on a per principal basis. […]

Is Profitability a Legal Practice Management Issue at Your Firm? Video

Law Firm Management, law firm profit

Profitability and Legal Practice Management You really can lift profitability at your law firm by improving  your firms legal practice management. This video explains how small law firms are adopting some of the practice management strategies that have been used by accountants. These strategies have helped accountants in the past to be consistently more profitable than small law firms. When small […]

Legal Practice Management – Five strategies to help you sell your law firm for more

Sell Your Law Firm / Law Firm Valuation Are you likely to ever want to sell your law firm? If so, the chances are you will want to get a good price for your many years of hard work in developing it. To read the rest of my article published in the Australasian Law Management Journal  If you want to read more on this […]

Firing a Law Firm Client

Five Things to Consider When Firing a Law Firm Client You often see articles talking about firing a law firm client, but I don’t recall seeing an article telling you how to go about it. Many law firms have a few clients where the principals would be much happier if that client would choose to make their competitors life a […]

Secrets of a Successful Small Law Firm

Top Ten Secrets of a Successful Small Law Firm If you missed the live interview with Graeme Todd, the principal of GTodd Law, where he revealed the secrets that have allowed his practice to: –  Have no bad debts; –  Have all debtors in current; –  Be attracting heaps of new clients while spending nearly nothing on marketing; and – […]

Improve Your Law Firm Practice Management

Improve your Law Firm Practice Management If 2012 hasn’t produced a result for your practice that you are delighted with, what changes are you going to make in 2013 to ensure that you don’t simply repeat the previous calendar year? When it comes down to it, improving financial results in a legal practice is really about two things: Improving your […]

Improve Law Firm Profits With Management and Legal Marketing

Great Opportunities to Improve Law Firm Profits in Small Law Firms I had this article published on 28th November in Law Fuel a New Zealand legal publication on how to improve Law Firm profits. Especially Small Law Firms. I think you will find it of interest if you run a small practice To go to the article Click Here

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How to price legal services to attract high quality referrals? This is part five of a series on the top five concerns lawyers have about getting referrals. To recap, I have just concluded a survey of small law firms where I asked then what their biggest concerns were in regard to getting referrals from people within their professional network. From […]

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Referral webinar testimonial- Peter Nevile – Nevile & Co Melbourne Vic “We had the firm’s marketing group watch Colin Ritchie’s Webinar. It was practical and helpful. Perhaps most of all it gave us the push we needed to refocus on our existing referral system.It also helps that it is not a significant cost factor for greater implementation. Like most firms […]

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