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Ten Reasons to Use LinkedIn for Legal Marketing for FREE

LinkedIn can be a great tool in your legal marketing tool box. While you can of course use LinkedIn for paid marketing, this article identified ten reasons that LinkedIn can help your legal marketing for FREE. Here are 10 good reasons to use LinkedIn for legal marketing: 1) For a start it’s FREE, and it can connect you hundreds of […]

Building a Referral Only Law Firm

If you could convert your firm to a referral only law firm, many of the problems that other firms have, would either go away or be dramatically reduced If you consider the new clients that have been referred to you recently, I suspect that you will see some positive commonalities. These are some of the attributes of these referred clients […]

The New Source of Lucrative Conveyancing Matters for Lawyers

There is a new source of well paid conveyancing matters for lawyers. We have all heard about the explosion in the number of self-managed superannuation funds (SMSF) in recent years. The numbers are mind boggling. The Australian Taxation Office has released figures for March 2016 showing that there are nearly 600,000 individual funds, holding close to $600 billion in assets. […]

FREE Webinar – The Most Effective Way to Get More Quality Clients Referred to Your Legal Practice

Would you like to get more quality new clients by referral? Here are five distinct benefits that referred clients offer you and your practice: 1) They are already pre-disposed to listening to and acting on your advice, so they are great to deal with 2) They are used to paying reasonable fees, so they are less likely to be price shoppers or […]

The Biggest Concerns for Small Law Firms in 2016 and What to Do About Them

In Macquarie Bank’s 2015 Legal Benchmarking survey, by far the two biggest concerns for small law firms at firm level, were: Maintaining and growing profitability Attracting enough new target clients Naturally these two concerns go hand in hand. If you don’t attract enough clients, you are likely to struggle to grow or even maintain profitability. Some practices such as commercial […]

LinkedIn Recommendations Will Dramatically Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

If you are on LinkedIn, one of the best ways to increase the authority of your profile is to get some LinkedIn recommendations of your work from your clients or Centres of Influence. It provides powerful social proof that you are great at what you do. Increasingly potential clients will go online to investigate you before making contact and some […]