Retirement Planning for Lawyers


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Product Description

Are you considering retirement within the next 10 years?

Are you either a sole practitioner or a partner in a small legal practice?

If so, no doubt you want to ensure that you are in a strong financial position as you commence retirement, so that you can enjoy the retirement lifestyle that you want.

This report is focused on helping you to get to that position.

What you will learn:

To improve your financial position while in practice, there are really only two ways:

– Improve your profitability from now till retirement; and/or

– Increase the value of your practice ( or your equity in it) on sale

This report will present:

– Four strategies to improve your practice profitability

– Three areas to focus on to build the value to your practice when you sell it

How you will benefit:

If you implemented just one strategy and that led to an improvement of just $1,000 you would have received a great return on investment.

While we believe you will get fantastic value from this report, if you buy it and disagree, then please ask for a full refund of your purchase price.