New Report Now Available – “How Principals of Smaller Legal Practices Can Build Retirement Capital”

Are you contemplating retirement in the next five to ten years?

Have you accumulated enough capital to fund the lifestyle you want?

This report will help you to maximise your retirement capital, so that you can produce the income you need, to enjoy retirement.

Your legal practice represents a lifetime’s work to you.

Think of the time, effort, stress and skill, let alone the money that has been invested by you, to build your practice.

Don’t you think it would be nice to be recognised for that?

You hear stories of small legal practices being either closed down or sold for a pittance and unfortunately many of these are true.

It really doesn’t have to be that way.

Legal practices are ultimately like any other business, buyers want to buy what they consider are good ones and the rest are either unsaleable or pretty much have to be given away.

To maximise the value of your practice therefore, it pays to know:

1) The absolute prerequisites that legal practice buyers are looking for ; and

2) How you can build the practice further, into something that will set your practice apart from all of the other practices that a buyer could acquire.

One enormous bonus in doing this, is that nearly all of these things will have the effect of further boosting the profitability of your practice now.

This means that you will not only build the value of your practice, but you will get well paid for doing it, as your practice will be more profitable.

This is a classic case of leverage in action.

Do the work once and get paid not just once, but multiple times.

To get the report simply follow the link below.


If you are thinking of retiring in the next 10 years and want to improve your financial position to enjoy your retirement with the income you deserve, you can’t afford to miss this report:

Link to: Retirement planning for the principals of smaller law firms

This report will focus on the strategies that you need to put in place to both increase your pre-retirement income and also to maximise your practice valuation.

Whether you ultimately sell your whole practice, or you sell your equity, if you have other partners, you can’t afford to miss this report.

Link to: Retirement planning for the principals of smaller law firms