If you are on LinkedIn, one of the best ways to increase the authority of your profile is to get some LinkedIn recommendations of your work from your clients or Centres of Influence.

It provides powerful social proof that you are great at what you do.

Increasingly potential clients will go online to investigate you before making contact and some great recommendations on your LinkedIn profile will certainly help them to make the decision to call you.

The mechanics of actually asking for the recommendation on LinkedIn are quite straightforward.

1)  You need to be connected to the person that you wish to ask for a recommendation. If you aren’t, then you will need to get connected.

2) Having checked this, all you need to do is sign in to LinkedIn and go to your profile. (If you go to the log in button in the top right, you will see View Profile in the drop down menu.)

Click on this and you will see your profile, then scroll down to recommendations. You then click on the + button to the right and really just follow the process at ” Ask for a recommendation”.

3) Firstly select who you want to ask, then select your role, then create your message to them.

While the mechanics are quite straightforward, the process you develop around it may help to lift the number of recommendations that you get.

Look for the opportunity for LinkedIn Recommendations

Having done some good work for a client, who has expressed how happy they are with the job you have done, you have the perfect opportunity to ask for a recommendation.

Client recollection of the great work you have done diminishes very quickly, so you need to ask for the recommendation quickly or your chances of getting it, will diminish just as quickly.

Ask for their permission and let them know to expect it.

Help your client with what to say

Many clients may want to recommend you but simply do not know what to say.

If they have to think about it, in many cases they will put it off and your opportunity to gain that valuable recommendation will be lost.

You don’t want to nag, so best to ensure that if they are going to do it, they do it first time.

The easy way to get them to do it right then and there, is to suggest to them what to say. This is something that you may indeed sort out when asking for their permission.

If you write out a simple draft of the recommendation you would like, that will make their job much easier and they are likely to do it immediately.

It’s a numbers game

While it would be great to get a LinkedIn recommendation from everyone you ask, practically for varying reasons, you won’t.

All this means is that it is a numbers game. To end up with a certain number of recommendations, you will need to ask a certain percentage more than that.

I read something recently that said that 56% of clients looked at social media when seeking a lawyer. That may not of course mean that this is their initial enquiry, it may be that they are looking online for social proof that someone who has been recommended to them is the right lawyer for them.

Either way, a LinkedIn profile with lots of social proof in the form of quality recommendations, is going to help you turn prospects into clients.


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