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Are you looking for legal staff or would you like to improve the performance of the legal staff you already have?

Recruitment of legal staff

For many law firms, finding the right legal staff is a real problem. The mining boom has certainly contributed to that, with many quality staff being lured away to mining related positions.

In good times, the large firms with their superior marketing budgets, and higher pay levels can take the pick of the crop leaving small law firms with what ever is left.
One of the benefits of the advances in technology with websites and social media, is that it has become a much more level playing field in terms of being able to promote yourself to potential legal staff.

We have endeavoured to help you with this difficult issue by developing a webinar on this topic. This webinar has been tailored specifically for smaller law firms.

The link is

Improve Legal Staff Performance

Having got the people you need to get the job done, how do you get them to perform as you would like?

In fact the worse employee you can have is not the terrible one, as you will ultimately get rid of them, it is the marginal employee. You know who I mean, they are not quite bad enough to sack, but they aren’t really helping your law firm get where you want to be either.

In a smaller firm, that person is taking up the position of someone who could perform at a much higher level and help you to achieve your goals quicker.
For that reason we also developed a webinar on this important issue as well. Once again it has been developed specifically for smaller law firms.

The link is

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