Legal Staff Recruitment- How to attract quality staff to a small law firm

While talking with the principals of small legal practices, the subject of how to attract quality staff often arises.

While I’m not denying that it can be tough to find good people, I have found that when you ask a question like “Explain what your current recruitment strategy is”, I am often met by blank faces.

In short without an effective plan for your recruiting, like most things in life, failing to plan means planning to fail.

So what are the key elements in an effective recruitment plan?

1. Know what you are looking for when conducting legal staff recruitment.

For example:

– What values does your firm stand for and therefore you will require in a recruit?

– What expectations are you looking for eg partnership expectations?

–  What sort of attitude do you want in a recruit?

2. Know your target market

A new professional often has had some connection with your area in the past. So do you keep tabs on who in your area is doing law at uni?

Are you on the College of Law notice board?

Do you offer scholarships, work experience and so on?

3. What channels are you using to find people?

The old days of running advertisements in the paper are all but gone and are expensive, so how are you doing it?

4. When should you start recruiting?

Why wait until it’s a panic because you need someone now.  Get started now and turn your recruitment into an ongoing process and one that doesn’t depend on you.

5. What is your Employment Value Proposition?

So why should a potential employee choose you practice over and above all the other options that are available to them? Many employers don’t spend the time to get this clear, or indeed know where to start to develop one.

6. Is your website helping or hindering your recruiting?

While lots of practices have web sites, many of them aren’t really selling the practice to potential employees, let alone potential clients, so think about how you could make your website more potential employee friendly.

7. Are you taking advantage of new technology?

The beauty about all of the new technologies, is that you can market just like a big firm and people can find out about your practice from their own computer or mobile phone. So take advantage of it, it is made for small practices.