Powerful Legal Marketing Strategies for Small Law Firms

Welcome back for another year. If you are not attracting enough quality clients to your practice, now is a great time to get your legal marketing fired up. I had an article published in the Law Council’s Law Management Journal on seven inexpensive but incredibly powerful ways to turbo charge your legal marketing for this year.
Here is the link to the Australian Law Management article Click here
I have posted several other articles that I think you will find of value as well.

Five Things to Consider When Firing A Client

New Year is also a good time to take stock of the clients you are dealing with and deciding whether some of them should go. If you are thinking that way, make sure you check out this blog To read the full article Click here

How you can make dealing with your firm an even more delightful experience

There is no doubt that if clients love dealing with your firm, it can be great for business. I have written an article about an amazing supermarket in the USA that has taken this to a whole new level over the last 40 or so years. As a bonus it is also in Fortune magazines Top 100 places to work in the USA and it’s a supermarket!!

Check out this article and see if there are ideas that you might be able to apply to make your firm an even more delightful place for your clients, your team and you. To read the full article Click here


If client delight and attracting your ideal clients, are areas of your practice that you want to work on, go to our Facebook page Click here  and firstly check out the photos and 10 second videos of Stew Leonard’s, the amazing supermarket that the above article is about. While you are there, feel free to click on the Attract Ideal Clients icon and download our Ideal Client Worksheet, which will help you to develop your strategy to only attract Ideal Clients to your practice.