Law Firm Marketing

Are you looking to improve your law firm marketing?

Law firm marketing is such a big topic that we have set up a whole website to deal with it

The areas that we specialise in are:

1) Do it yourself law firm marketing programs

We have developed two law firm marketing programs

Retain Engage & Profit – This program is focused on your existing client and referral sources and is will suit you if your  firm t is an established one that provides a range of services to predominantly individual or SME type clients

Link to Retain & Engage & Profit Law Marketing Program

Attract Engage & Profit – This program is focused on attracting new clients to your practice. This program is more likely to suit you if you want to build your client numbers, or your firm does one off type work such as family law, or you are a newer firm with few established clients.

Link to Attract Engage & Profit Legal Marketing Program


2) Law Firm Marketing services

We provide a range of services for smaller law firms being:

-Development of Your Legal Marketing Plan

-Website Development

-Social Media Development and optimisation

-Search Engine Optimisation for both your websites and social media

-Build you a complete online marketing strategy

For all of these services visit our Law Firm Marketing website

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