Centres of influence referral program

While getting  client referrals from existing clients is good, getting more law firm client referrals from your professional network such as accountants and financial planners is potentially even better.

Why? For a start, while your client may know one or two people who may be interested in your services, an accountant may know hundreds that are potentially interested in your services.

In addition clients of accountants will be used to paying fees (not many Legal Aid clients need an accountant). The chances are that if the accountant refers you a client, that they will be a good client.

So how can you make this happen?

Let me give you an example of how to not do it.

I was at a local Chamber of Commerce meeting and a local accountant came up to me and said “Colin, if any of your clients are in need of an accountant, feel free to give client referrals to me”.

So, what was wrong with that approach?

Who was he thinking about, in making that offer?

Himself. He wasn’t offering my client or me any benefit at all.

Needless to say, I didn’t rush to give him any client referrals

So how could he have done it better?

Say he had developed a service that was potentially of great value to my clients. He could have approached me to let me know that he had this service and that my clients could benefit from knowing about it.

How has he now positioned the discussion? He is thinking about my clients and how his service could benefit them.

He could then suggest a way that this service could be communicated to my clients, perhaps as a joint seminar, or he may have produced a report that could be distributed to my clients.

This approach when dealing with fellow professionals is likely to have a much better chance of putting him in touch with the other professional’s clients and generating those important client referrals

Now think about your practice. Is there something that you have developed that would be of value to the clients of a potential Centre of Influence?

Of course there is. It doesn’t matter if it is something that other lawyers might know, if you are the only one making the offer to your Centre of Influence, you may well end up getting all of their client referrals.


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