Law Firm Cash Flow Improvement

Is poor cash flow an issue at your practice?

Poor cash flow is an issue for many smaller law firms and maybe it is for your firm as well.

While the overheads and staff have to be paid, the people that suffer are you the principals of the firm.

I’m sure you didn’t get into practice to struggle to meet your own personal commitments.
Of course poor law firm cash flow may simply be a product of poor law firm profit. It stands to reason that if the firm is not making good profits, that cash flow won’t be good either.

In some cases though, poor cash flow can result from other issues such as:

– Slow paying clients
– Bottlenecks in workflow
– Delays caused from clients having to realise assets to pay you
– Not being focused on the key performance indicators to manage cash flow
– Delays in billing matters
– Miscommunication with clients about payment expectations

Law firm cash flow improvement is achievable in a number of ways and so accordingly we have a number of ways to help you:

At Ritchie Business Solutions we have a number of ways to help you:
Ten Ways to Improve cash flow webinar
Links to the coaching

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