How One Small Law Firm is Showing You How to Increase Your Share of Conveyancing

While the feedback I’m getting from small legal practices throughout the eastern seaboard of Australia, is that the conveyancing market is pretty tough, one small law firm I have spoken to recently, could actually show you how to increase your market share of conveyancing in your area.

In fact, they see this as one of the key growth areas of their practice.

So how are they doing it?

With their permission, I will now reveal nearly all.

A key referral source for legal practices for conveyancing work, can be real estate agents.

The trouble is that (and I quote a principal of this practice), “Legal practitioners are seen by real estate agents as rude, don’t return their telephone calls and if they take your call, they give you the impression that they are doing you a favour in doing so”.

Now of course I hear the cries of outrage from solicitors around the country, but if this situation could possibly be true in your market, it presents you with a great opportunity, just as it has with this practice.

This practice decided that they would make sure that they gave real estate agents in their market, a premium level of service.

They make sure that:

1)      – If not in a client meeting, they always take their call

2)     — When unavailable, their team always indicate when they will be free to call and they then always promptly return the call at the appointed time, no matter how busy they are

3)      – They keep the agent in the loop with how the matter was progressing

4)      – They of course do fantastic work for the client

5)      – They ensure that the work was done as promptly as possible and the agent understands   that this matter is their top priority

6)      – They communicate all of this to the agents as well as generally treating the agents as incredibly valued referral sources (which of course they can be).

The result of this, is that they are the referral source of choice for many of the agents in their market and they don’t discount their fees to get the work

Quick question for you

Question: How much has this marketing strategy cost them?

Answer: NIL

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