Improving the Valuation of Law Firms – The Leverage of Profit Improvement

While I have a page on the website that is specifically on improving the valuation of law firms, this video may be of interest in explaining the powerful leverage effect that you can achieve with increasing the profitability of most businesses including law firms.

I often hear lawyers saying that most law firms have no goodwill value.

If the profit of the firm is poor, that is certainly true.

There are increasingly more and more listed companies looking to acquire professional  practices in various fields.

The common name for these firms is consolidators. We see them in various professions such as law, accounting, veterinary practices, medical practices, dental practices and on it goes.

For these businesses, the profit of the practice they are looking to acquire will be  a key factor in the valuation of the firm.

For that reason I think you will find this video of interest, as it is becoming increasingly as relevant to legal practices as it is to any business, these days.

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