Law Firm Referral Program

Imagine for a minute, if you had a law firm referral program in your office so that you could turn on a tap and generate as many new clients as you wanted, to make the profit you require from your practice.

It sounds like a fantasy doesn’t it, but it is possible. When you think about referrals often we refer to them as word of mouth. The trouble with word of mouth is that it relies on your name being mentioned in a casual conversation by one of your clients.

Rather than relying on chance, I think the better approach is to build a law firm referral program that encourages your clients to refer you to others on a regular basis.

Most professionals will tell you that most of their new clients come from referrals and yet, in most cases they are doing nothing to encourage that to happen. If you could harness this powerful client attraction method, imagine how many more new clients you may be able to attract.

In the previous small law firm blog I mentioned not inadvertently using words such as “flat out”; when your client asks you if you are busy.

Changing your answer to this question, can become part of your law firm referral program to show clients that you welcome referrals.

In a previous practice, a former partner was told by one of his best clients that they had never referred him any clients because they had always assumed he was too busy and wouldn’t want the referrals. They went on to say that they could have referred him hundreds. Imagine the cost of that over the many years of that client relationship?

It sounds simple, but sometimes simple changes like these could make all the difference just as in this case.

What else could you build into your law firm referral program?


If you want the increase the number of referrals you attract to your practice, here is a link to a 84 minute video.

The Quickest and Easiest Way to Get More Quality Clients for a Small Law Firm

This risk free program has been developed for small law firms that want to grow their practice in an incredibly cost effective way. Referrals that were mentioned above are an important source of new business and strategies to enhance them are discussed at length in this program