Generate more client referrals at your law firm

Referrals of new clients continues to be a significant source of new clients for many small law firms. This is confirmed in the 2013 Macquarie Bank survey of smaller legal practices in Australia. This survey found that 30% of new clients were coming from referrals. ( Refer to our article Where is new business growth coming from for small law firms)

With that in mind, do you think that your firm could improve it’s ability to attract new client referrals?

Good firms, just like good sporting teams, are almost always the firms that are most open to improving what they do. No doubt, your answer to this question is a resounding yes!!.

Imagine the return that your firm could generate from the successful implementation of just one good idea!

To help you we are running two live webinars on generating more client referrals.

1)    Live webinar 25th June 2014 – How to Generate more Client Referrals from Your Centres of Influence

This webinar will focus on improving the process in your firm of generating referrals from your Centres of Influence, whoever they may be.

To find out more Referrals from Centres of Influence webinar

2)    Live webinar 2nd July 2014 – How to Generate more quality referrals from your existing clients

This webinar will focus on improving the process in your firm of generating referrals from your existing clients

To find out more Referrals for Existing Clients webinar

Both webinars come with a money back guarantee if you do not believe that by implementing the strategies outlined in the webinar that you will generate significant additional fees for your practice over the next year.



Colin Ritchie passionately believes in the future of the legal profession and knows that helping firms to dramatically improve profits and practice valuation is his way of ensuring that the legal profession has a bright future.

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