Do you find that you don’t enjoy selling or marketing, but still need to attract new clients?

It is a dilemma that many professionals have. You got into law to practice law not spend time doing marketing or selling things to people.

The trouble is though, that if you don’t attract enough new clients, your practice will not be as successful as it could be.

To give you an idea of what that could be costing you, if that results in you drawing just $8,000 per month less than you should be, do you realise that that adds up to nearly $1,000,000 in lost personal drawings over a 10 year period!

If your shortfall is greater than that, of course the 10 year figure becomes even larger still!
That sort of money would make a tremendous difference to your retirement lifestyle or even your present lifestyle.
It only gets worse. That loss of income also affects your practice value, so that your practice will be worth significantly less than it should be.

Fortunately there is a solution.

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FREE WEBINAR : How Lawyers Can Easily Attract More Quality Clients Without Selling or Marketing

If you want to attract more quality clients, but you don’t want to have to market or sell, then you don’t have to.
You can just concentrate on providing great legal solutions for your client’s problems and still attract quality clients.
These clients won’t need to be converted from prospects to clients as they will be turning up at your office ready to buy your services.

I know it works because I did it myself and it allowed me to build my practice from one with minimal income, to a practice that when I sold it just 6 years later, the proceeds would have allowed me to retire ( if I had wanted to). All without selling or marketing, as quite frankly I wasn’t very good at that and wanted to do my professional work in preference.

The benefits to you of this approach are many:
– You can focus on providing quality legal solutions to your clients problems instead of marketing and selling
– Your new clients will come to you ready to buy- no converting prospects required
– You can attract the clients you really want- your ideal clients
– Your practice will be worth substantially more, just ask any legal practice broker.

Here is what webinar attendees had to say when we last presented this webinar in late July 2016:

As a new solo practice, getting clients by referrals is daunting but crucial for success, particularly in a regional area.  The webinar gave me lots of insight and valuable advice to get referrals for my business plus the confidence to seek them out” Deborah Culhane, Principal – Duly Served Legal and Consulting, VIC Australia

I found the webinar both interesting and useful, since it suggested a new approach to the problem of attracting new work.  This is always a problem for small practices, because even if you love marketing and are enthusiastic about it (which few legal practitioners are!) there is simply not time to do it.  In general, a small practice does not justify employing somebody to do fulltime marketing for you.  The webinar was therefore very helpful in suggesting an alternative approach which requires considerably less time input but can be very productive Elspeth Buchanan, Principal – PL Berry & Associates, Patent Attorneys, Christchurch New Zealand

Like many other practitioners, my practice is based on referrals. Noting the vagaries of clients and carrots dangled in front of other referrers, I took a lot out of your seminar. Thank you for the insights to achieving growth with what is a practical common sense marketing tool” Grahame Jackson, Principal – Grahame Jackson & Associates Attorneys at Law, Neutral Bay NSW Australia

I had the pleasure of attending a webinar recently on “The Quickest and Easiest Way to Attract Quality Clients to a Law Firm” presented by Colin Ritchie of Ritchie Business Solutions. I found the presentation interesting and helpful. It contained helpful tips and traps, anecdotes and statistics. Colin presented a well-structured system that was easy to understand and to implement, which I am doing. I recommend it” Antony Mastrogiannis, Principal – AM Legal Compensation Lawyers, Hurstville NSW Australia

“Colin’s webinar was well-informed, responsive, and reminded one in a no-nonsense manner of the overlooked – but vital – reality that the most cost-effective and productive marketing is to your own clients and referrers (and how to go about it). I liked also that he adjusted his topic-coverage during the webinar to meet the expressed needs and questions of attendees. Thank you Colin! Well worth the time” Greg Mier, Principal – GCF Mier & Associates, Beaumaris VIC Australia

“We had the firm’s marketing group watch Colin Ritchie’s Webinar. It was practical and helpful.  Perhaps most of all it gave us the push we needed to refocus on our existing referral system.It also helps that it is not a significant cost factor for greater implementation.  Like most firms we know it works.  However the immediate is overtaken by the urgent and it falls away. The program convinced or reminded us or perhaps a little of each that we cannot afford not to set up a better process for referrals that was sustainable”  Peter Nevile, Principal Nevile & Co, Melbourne VIC

This is a sample of the positive comments we have had from the principals of a wide range of small law firms.

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FREE WEBINAR : How Lawyers Can Easily Attract More Quality Clients Without Selling or Marketing