Would you like to get more quality new clients by referral?

Here are five distinct benefits that referred clients offer you and your practice:

1) They are already pre-disposed to listening to and acting on your advice, so they are great to deal with

2) They are used to paying reasonable fees, so they are less likely to be price shoppers or  slow payers, so cash flow is better

3) They cost little or nothing to acquire, so your marketing budget is minimised

4) They are usually nice people, so work is more enjoyable.

5) If referrals become more predictable, your practice valuation is likely to be higher according to practice valuers

In Macquarie Bank’s 2015 Legal Bench-marking survey, referrals were identified as the most important source of new clients, so it makes good sense to see if you can increase the referral flow.

We are running a 30 minute webinar to help you do exactly that.

The webinar will focus on two areas:

1) Explaining  a proven strategy to increase referrals from your professional network
2) Explaining a proven strategy to increase referrals from your existing clients

As the new financial year is just days away, by attending this webinar, you can hit the ground running in the new financial year with clear strategies to increase your referral flow.

The webinar will be run at two different times, so select the one that suits.

We know you are busy, so it will start at 9am sharp and finish on time so you can get on with the rest of your day.

Numbers are limited, so get in early to secure your spot.

Thursday 23rd June, 2016 9am till 9.30am


Tuesday 28th June, 2016 9am till 9,30 am


Look forward to seeing you there.