Effectiveness of your Law Firm Receptionist

A two partner suburban law firm that I am working with, has found that their law firm receptionist is effectively earning them an additional $50,000 per partner, or an extra $100,000, by making a few small changes to their law marketing.

So my headline is actually true, while most firms probably view their  ‘law firm receptionist’ as an overhead, their receptionist is  actually making them an additional $100,000 every year.

How is she doing it?

This subject arose in a coaching call in one of our recent law marketing groups. We were talking about “What You Can Measure You Can Manage” and its importance when undertaking any legal marketing.

Inevitably the subject of recording new matter enquiry arose.

A couple of the law marketing group members were unconvinced about the need to do this. They felt that any enquiries they didn’t convert were probably not worth the effort and were most likely “Tyre Kickers”, who were wasting everyone’s time.

Were they measuring enquiry to arrive at that conclusion?

Of course not.

At that point another law marketing group member picked up the conversation to state that they were measuring client enquiry and comparing that to the number of new matters they were generating.

What did they identify?

They identified that their conversion rate of enquiry to new matters was very low.

Having identified that as an issue, they then set about making some changes to see if they could lift it.

The changes that they made resulted in an overall lift in the enquiry to new matter conversion rate that equates to an additional $100,000 p.a. in new matters that the law firm is now generating.

How much did this cost them?

Not one dollar.

So in fact their receptionist is now a profit centre, generating an additional $100,000 p.a for the firm.


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