Dealing with objections from small law firm clients

Have you ever had to deal with an objection to a proposal you have put to a client?

Of course you have.

We all have.

In this article I am most interested in dealing with objections to  proposals ( please don’t call them quotes) you have given to either clients or prospective clients, to undertake new work for them

Negotiation is part of the skill set of all lawyers and it is used on a daily basis when negotiating on behalf of clients in all sorts of matters.

I find however, that when it comes to negotiating over a proposal to do work for an existing client or a prospective client, at the first sign of an objection, we are all far too easily persuaded to give up.

At the first hint of :

–          “You are too expensive, I can get it cheaper elsewhere”

–         “I’ll get back to you”

–         ” Let me think about “

–         ” I don’t think that approach is right for me”

We simply back down and let the client go.

The skills required to handle these negotiations, aren’t really any different from the skills you use every day in your other negotiations.

To help you though, I have approached a colleague of mine, Jim Prigg, who is the best teacher of sales skills for professionals that I have ever met.

I posed the problem to him and he kindly offered to develop some material that is specifically targeted for small law firms.

He has developed four short articles that give you some fantastic strategies and ideas, on how to handle these types of client negotiations better.

Think if you could convert just one more proposal into a paying matter for your firm.

What would that be worth for you and your firm?

If you could convert just one “You are too expensive”, to, “I see why you are so expensive, I’m so glad I made the decision to use you”

What would that be work for you and your firm?

These articles, are articles that Jim has developed from a lifetime’s experience in both developing professional sales skills and now over the last 20 years, training professionals in some of the biggest institutions in Australia.

Jim regularly charges over $7000 per day (plus travel) to help these firms to develop their skills in this critical area.

If you are a great lawyer , who gives your clients fantastic advice, all of that comes to nought, if your client doesn’t act on your proposal.

What I am proposing really is the classic Win/Win situation.

You improve the chances of your client (or prospective client) getting the benefit of your fantastic advice and you get a great paying client.

We have put these articles in the small law firm shop for the ridiculously low investment of $20 (plus GST)  each.

Even if the skills that Jim teaches gained you just one more proposal of say $1000, that would represent a return on your investment of 5,000%

Try getting that return from anything else you do!!.

Of course your investment is risk free (like everything we do with small law firms).

If you don’t consider that these articles will help you improve your client proposal success rate, keep the article and ask for a full refund.

The links to the articles are:

Dealing with objections to your proposal – Part 1

Dealing with objections to your proposals – Part 2

Things not to do when handling resistance or objections to your proposal

Negotiating objections with pre-emptive negotiating

How to understand buying stimulators

 What you need to know about the author of the articles:

When I first heard Jim Prigg speak, I couldn’t stop laughing to myself.

I had been in practice at that stage for at least 15 years and had never heard anyone talk about this stuff!

Jim’s strategies were a key plank for me being able to build my practice into a multimillion dollar practice, when I eventually sold it 5 years ago.

I often think, imagine if I had never heard Jim that day?

What would life be like?

That is why I wanted to share some of the material that he has taught me, with you.

You deserve the same opportunity that I was given.