Head Office:

Ritchie Business Solutions Pty Ltd
PO Box 548

t: 0402325728

e: colin@ritchiebusinesssolutions.com.au
w: www.ritchiebusinesssolutions.com.au

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While we choose to live in regional Australia, our clients are located in all parts of Australia and New Zealand.

Our belief is that with modern communications, location should not be an impediment to you getting access to the law firm profit improvement advice that you need to grow your practice.

Funnily enough, I find that even dealing with clients who are within a few hundred metres of our office, we tend to communicate mostly be email and telephone.

When dealing with a law firm client who is in another country, it isn’t actually much different.

When you include the benefits of both Skype and technologies such as Go to Meeting, it really can be just like meeting in your office.

In any case we get to Sydney regularly and fly regularly to other capital cities for both presenting at conferences and meeting with clients.

We know that we can deliver consulting advice, law firm marketing programs and marketing advice in this way and we know the programs work.

Don’t let a little thing like geography stop you from accessing the advice and strategies you need, to unlock the profit you deserve from your law firm.

Colin Ritchie –┬áPrincipal, Ritchie Business Solutions


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Colin has a good understanding of the realities of rural and regional legal practices and his presentation makes real sense, encouraging practitioners who are ready for it, to get the best out of their businesses. Louise Dix- Higgins & Dix Lawyers- Laurieton NSW

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