Implement CLE programs for all members of your legal practice

While the principals of many small law firms focus on getting the required CLE points for the relevant fee earners in the practice, it can easy to overlook training for other team members.

If you can develop the skills of your non fee earners using some of your CLE budget, it can not only take lots of pressure off the fee earners in the practice, but it can also make your firm more profitable.

Let me give you an example.

Take the receptionist in your practice. In terms of client contact , your receptionist is one of the most critical team members in your practice.

Why? Because they talk with every client and  every prospective client.

Being such a critical person in your practice, you no doubt continually train them to improve their skills.

One firm told me recently that they had undertaken some training with their receptionist ands as a result, they could identify an additional $100,000 of new client fees that the practice was now generating that they hadn’t before.

This was a two partner law firm so the payoff in extra income for the principals was substantial.

Say this training had cost $1000 ( and it cost much less than that), and it was your firm, would you consider this a good investment?

A $1000 one off investment for a payoff of $100,000 in extra fees every year.

When thinking about your CLE budget, it may pay to consider, your non fee earners as well.

The payoff may astound you.


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