The Easiest Way to Get More Accountants to Refer Quality Clients to Your Law Firm

Accounting firm referral

As a past long term principal of an accounting and financial planning practice, I think I can speak with some authority, when I say that the potential for an accountant to refer many quality clients to a law firm is huge. If an accounting firm can refer you one client, there is probably potential for that referral flow to be […]

Do you need to generate more client referrals at your law firm to meet your growth targets?

Generate more Client Referrals

Generate more client referrals at your law firm Referrals of new clients continues to be a significant source of new clients for many small law firms. This is confirmed in the 2013 Macquarie Bank survey of smaller legal practices in Australia. This survey found that 30% of new clients were coming from referrals. ( Refer to our article Where is new […]

Get More Law Firm Client Referrals From Your Professional Network

law firm client referrals from your professional network

Centres of influence referral program While getting  client referrals from existing clients is good, getting more law firm client referrals from your professional network such as accountants and financial planners is potentially even better. Why? For a start, while your client may know one or two people who may be interested in your services, an accountant may know hundreds that […]

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How to price legal services to attract high quality referrals? This is part five of a series on the top five concerns lawyers have about getting referrals. To recap, I have just concluded a survey of small law firms where I asked then what their biggest concerns were in regard to getting referrals from people within their professional network. From […]

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26th March 2012 To Whom It may Concern, As CEO of Brothers and Sisters in Law Inc ( BASIL), part of my responsibility is organising our annual conference. This conference is primarily attended by principals of small legal practices from both Sydney and country areas and there were 170 attendees at this year’s conference. This year, we decided to invite […]

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