Attract new clients to your small legal practice

While your practice may provide a range of services to clients, you probably have a particular type of work that you really enjoy doing. As well, you probably have a particular type of client that you enjoy working with. Imagine if you could develop a process to attract more of the work and  attract new clients of this ideal type.

In order to make this dream a reality, like anything, it is a matter of taking action. The best way to do this is to treat it as a 3 step process, “Who, What, Where”.

Who is your ideal client

If I was to ask you to describe in detail the type of client that you really enjoy working with, could you describe them?

If I was to ask your receptionist or other team members, what sort of clients you really enjoy working with, could they tell me?

What about your referrers of new clients?

The first step I believe, is to spend some time and write down exactly what you are looking for in an ideal client. The clearer you are, in what attributes your ideal client possesses, the more focused you will be about attracting them. In addition it becomes much easier to communicate with your team, clients or referrers what exactly you want.

Of course you may need to do some work on this and think about such things as “Is there big enough market of your ideal clients “.

What is their pain, problem or challenge?

Having now got really focused on who your ideal client is, it’s now a matter of focusing on their pain, problems and challenges that you can help them with. The better you understand their issues, the easier it is to speak their language.

I’m sure that you have experienced this yourself. If you are talking with someone who really understands you and your particular issues, you feel drawn to them. It stands to reason that your clients will feel the same thing.

Where are they?

If you see a small business spending money on advertising in newspapers, on the radio or TV, which are expensive scattergun approaches to finding clients, I would suggest that in most cases, they have not spend time working out where to find their ideal client.

Most small law firms do not have the advertising budget of Coca Cola. If you have spent time thinking about where you would find your ideal client, you will probably not need to resort to scattergun approaches, but you can be incredibly focused (read as cost effective) in your marketing.


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Attract new clients of the Ideal Type Now.

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